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Zam Zoum is Dead, Long Live Zam Zoum!

Transitioning to *yet* another platform


Hazem Fahmy

Nov 07 2021

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This project has been so fun, but the newsletter format, and the platforms that publish it, has proven to be unsuitable for what I'm trying to do here. After some digging around and reflection, I've decided to move the content that was previously hosted here, as well as my subsequent independent criticism, to my long-dormant Medium account. Since I can't make a "publication" on medium, at least not yet, this lil' body of writing will just be under my name. Apologies for the misleading title! Zam Zoum, the project, is still alive, but the name will have to be retired (for now). My deepest gratitude to everyone for their support, and if you've enjoyed this journey so far, I hope you'll consider going along a little longer and following me @hazfahmy on Medium. The next phase of this will see less of a focus on recommendations, and more on short(ish) essays. I'm thinking mostly on remakes? Stay tuned!

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